Facts to get you thinking about Dementia week


Facts to get you thinking about Dementia week

With dementia awareness week less than a month away (21-27th May 2018) here are some facts to get you thinking:

The dementia prevalence in England are currently 1:130.

In England 438,142 people had a recorded diagnosis but this is well below the estimation of 645,101.

For gents their highest risk period for acquiring a dementia is between the ages of 80-84 (41,990) and ladies 85-89 (77,174).

The total number of those living with a dementia over 80 years old

Males                 101,181              60.79% of male diagnosis

Females             212,869              74.25% of female diagnosis

NHS Digital, Recorded Dementia Diagnosis, January 2018 online here >

These figures will be reflected in the Health and Social Care workload and thus skills required by our employees, whether in care homes, hospitals or the domiciliary environment.

Health and Social Care are far more knowledgeable and enlightened than ever before but there is still so much to learn.  Despite the fact that the sector should be more open-minded and educated about the disease there are still areas of poor practice. I recently heard about a carer who had visited one of her clients on an elderly care ward in an acute hospital. She was horrified by the lack of basic dementia care this lady was receiving and she actually said “that ward staff should receive the same training we get”.

Purple Balm Training are really proud of the instruction we provide about dementia and how to manage the disease, thereby increasing the quality of life for anybody living with dementia.

news-dementia-week-careWe offer a half day accredited CPD Level 2 Dementia Awareness course, dementia friends’ information hour as well as bespoke courses (see Devon Carers case study). We are putting more sessions on during the dementia awareness week.

Find out more about our courses here >

If you, or your organisation supports those living with a dementia please contact us to see how we can help you and your staff improve the quality of life for your clients and residents.