Mental Health week May 8th -13th

Mental Health week May 8th -13th

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week . Here at Purple Balm Training we see this as an important date in our calendar of events.

One third of people will at some point experience a mental health condition

Heads Together spearheaded by HRH Prince Harry, William and The Duchess of Cambridge aims to change the nations conversation surrounding mental health.

Tackling stigma and raising awareness is a step in the right direction , but for some people actually talking is the hardest step to take .

With people in the public eye and top sports athletes  speaking openly about their condition , how it affects them and the impact it has one their life this is very empowering for others to see, read and hear.

Mental Health takes people by surprise and can happen when you least expect. It is not a sign of weakness, in fact completely the opposite , that the person has been strong for too long .

This week in our office in support of Mental Health week,  we have an information board and advice available to anyone wishing to learn more about the different conditions , support and organisations offering invaluable support .We will also be running workshops and training this month for anyone wishing to have a better understanding in any of the following :


Anxiety disorders

Eating Disorders

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Hoarding disorder

Alcohol / Drug substance dependence

Bioplar Disorder

Panic Attacks




and many more


Look out this week for  articles on the television in  both the national and local news of people talking publicly about their condition , you will be surprised at who and how it affects the individual

Lets us together change perceptions , help place positive values of those living with a mental health condition and educate a better awareness around the world.