Moving and handling of people and objects is part of a legal annual mandatory training programme


Moving and handling of people and objects is part of a legal annual mandatory training programme

Moving and Handling of People and Objects is part of a legal annual mandatory training programme. This applies to all staff working in the health and social care sector. This is not only for the protection of the carer, the resident/client but the actual company/home too.

Each year poor moving and handling techniques account for about 30% of all workplace accidents and 11% of those from the health and social care sector (about 3,770 cases).

Financially due to additional hidden costs for every £1-£8 spent on an accident it can actually cost up to £36. Practically the company has to find additional staff to cover the sickness etc, and the impact on the individual can be massive.

Although one cannot prevent all accidents many can be avoided through moving and handling training including posture and correct equipment assessment and usage. The following two events highlight the serious consequences of badly trained staff. An 89 year old lady was hoisted without a correct assessment and check.

The result was that she fell through the sling onto the floor. She sustained fractured ribs and a broken femur and died 11 days later. Not only was there a lack of training, but there was no policy, equipment had not been inspected in 6 months and disposable slings were being washed and reused.

The second inadequacy occurred in Oldham in 2016 following a CQC inspection of a care home. The found that although the staff were kind and caring, instead of using the correct equipment they used outdated manoeuvres highlighting their poor training.

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