Online or face to face training?


Online or face to face training?

Of course there are advantages to online training over the classroom, however the returns you get from human contact with a face to face trainer cannot be over stated!

There are several questions to consider:

  • What if you do not understand something, how are you going to get clarification?
  • What if you have a different learning style, for example you are a kinetic learner?
  • What about those invaluable discussions both with colleagues and people you have never met? We learn so much through our own and other’s experiences whether personal or second hand. What went well, what didn’t, what could have been done differently?

At Purple Balm Training we openly encourage questions and critical learning. Where possible we try and incorporate all the different types of learning within a session to ensure everyone has a positive experience.

So often in my own professional life, as a registered nurse, online courses were chosen because they were the least intrusive option. Training was seen as a tick box exercise by managers rather than an opportunity for staff development.

Many people have said to me, and I have also encounter it, that online training is not taken seriously but turned into more of a social catch up with colleagues with one person answering the questions for the group. People skip the content and jump straight to the assessment test at the end, if they fail they keep going through it with the help of someone else until they reach the pass mark. It is a bureaucratic exercise to show that staff have met their mandatory requirements. Will they remember the content a week or a month later, did they even read the content?

Now I am not saying that all staff act like this and that all managers are not really interested but I bet it happens more frequently than anyone would like to admit.

If you are a manager how do you know that the course content is relevant and sufficient for your staff?  As a nurse I undertook an online course on female genital mutilation. I started knowing very little, I finished knowing the background information but I still had no idea of how the anatomy would appear or whether I would recognise it. If this were face to face and no pictures were made available I could have asked how it would present etc. This would not happen at Purple Balm; if we had omitted something then it would be rectified straight away.

Research illustrates the benefits of face to face over online education:

there is more to observe and absorb in a classroom. I would be more motivated and inspired by a live classroom.” (Dedman et al, 2011 online at: )

If you need convincing about the impetus and motivation that can result following a Purple Balm face to face training session, please contact us and we can provide hundreds of positive comments made following our courses.