Mental Health First Aid Where’s Your Head At?


Mental Health First Aid Where’s Your Head At?

We support Mental Health First Aid and, as a training company based in Exeter and Plymouth, are able to offer these courses to local businesses. We have just received this wonderful letter from Where’s your Head At and thought we would share the latest news. You can get involved by clicking here >

We wanted to follow up with you to share an update on the parliamentary debate on mental health first aid in the workplace – the latest development in the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ campaign.

Yesterday MPs took to the floor of the House of Commons to debate a motion on putting mental and physical first aid on an equal footing in the workplace.

MPs from across the five largest parties spoke in support of the motion, with everyone clearly recognising the importance of making mental health first aid a legal requirement.

The motion was put to a vote, with the Speaker closing the Backbench Business Committee debate by announcing that ‘the ayes have it!’. A great result and an indication of the overwhelming support for legislative change across the House.

Whilst Government ministers present didn’t support the motion, they did recognise the role mental health first aid has in the Government’s strategy to transform mental health, and committed to continue debating issues around workplace mental health.

With the public, employers and the vast majority of MPs supportive of this change, the Backbench debate has set the wheels in motion for this legislative ambition to become a reality. And we believe it’s now a case of when, and not if, this change will happen.

We wanted to extend our thanks to everyone in our community who has supported the campaign – by writing to their MP, joining the noise on social media and by signing and sharing the campaign petition. ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ couldn’t have got to where it is today without you. And please be sure to keep a look out for further updates on our campaign page throughout the year.

We now look forward to taking the campaign even further together in 2019, as we work towards a future where everyone has access to mental health first aid in the workplace.

Visit the Where’s Your Head At website here >